Meet Carlos Henrique Raposo,The Striker Who Scored Just One Goal In 24 Years


For a footballer, a striker to be precise the number of goals you score is what defines your career after you call it a career. That is your job.

Apart from the number of trophies you win, the goals are what mirror your achievement. Just like a goalkeeper and defender’s job is complete when he/she stops strikers from scoring.

In an era where the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are scoring 400 goals and above at will in top flight football, one ex footballer, Carlos Henrique Raposo, scored just a single goal in his 24-year ‘career’.

Despite turning out for a total of 10 football teams, making a total of over 100 appearances, Mr. Raposo only has one goal to show for it?

Raposo apparently was referred to as ‘Farce footballer’ for the role he played in club hopping by faking injuries.

According to wikipedia, he became friends with many footballers such as Carlos Alberto Torres, Ricardo Rocha and Renato Gaúcho so that he could have a big network to be recommended whenever he needed a new club.

With a physical shape similar to professional footballers, but lacking skills, his fraud consisted of signing a short contract and stating that he was lacking match fitness so that he would spend the first weeks only with physical training where he could shine.

At the time he went to train with other players, he would feign a hamstring injury and, by the lack of technology at the time, it was difficult to discover that it was a fake injury. 

So with few appearances came with zero goals since he never actually needed them to prove he can play for any club.


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